Focus on the major trends in lingerie: colours, shapes and materials ...

Focus on the major trends in lingerie: colours, shapes and materials ...

Multiple proposals, with as always increasing creativity and innovation, lingerie is now used as a fashion accessory inspired more and more from the world of ready to wear. Meet with Sophie Malagola, designer and lingerie consultant who decrypts the big trends to follow…

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Sophie Malagola : The real trends of today is shape-wear, everything that covers, with a revolution it’s a lot thinner and almost invisible than before, and it’s as much for slim women that still want to improve their silhouette, as it is for women who need to hold things in, to sculpt their silhouette more, it’s a trend in which they slip into absolutely every brand.

So we're really into very bright colors, we slightly follow the ready-to-wear but it’s always followed a little later, so normally pastel which we expected this year as it had been proposed last year, should arrive next summer, it’s all about bright colours, this means that we follow all the tropical and Californian trends, we also follow prints a little, but this concerns knickers. So it’s about bright colours which can now be seen only slightly, the invisible straps that we had before have gone, young girls and women tend to show them under a tank top and ultimately it’s a little fashion accessory. And what changes a bit is matching the lingerie less than before, we mismatch more than we used to.

We also follow the ready-to-wear trends, there’s a very strong trend of lace which has resulted in a revival of lace in lingerie, transparency has been rediscovered, and there is still beautiful transparency with opacity on lace, and this creates something very beautiful.

Fishnet has made a big comeback, the net is there and it’s directly taken from ready-to-wear, there are collections such as Véronique Léroy, with thick sweaters and by seeing this, it’ll make you want the fabrics where stylists say, it would be nice to turn it to lingerie fabrics and after this, it arrives in the world of lingerie.

It’s true that the triangle is highly appealing to editors, but it sells a lot less, it means there’s little sale of triangles, it makes up about 10% of sales, the push up bra is still going strong and the strong pushup also works very well, this means that padded models despite the fact that women have bigger chests than before, are used to it and young women still wear very padded models.

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