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Special Swimsuits: the top 5 trends to follow (with itw)

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The summer period marks the return to swimwear, which should not take long to become the star of summer. identified in the popular labels and in fashion shows, here are the top five trends to follow, with views from valérie delafosse, artistic director of erès. number 1. the pure chic that can translate, either by the one black couture piece, ideal to hide your figure. or by stripes and other graphic shapes of all colours, easily adapting to each body type as explained by valérie delafosse. for number 2. innovative materials: textile that dries in minutes, hyper-resistant fabric or new technical prowess, the swimsuit is also an object of study pushed for even more comfort, example from erès with her silicone straps. 3. exoticism. for summer 2013, prints escape to distant lands…towards tropical flowers, tye-dye or animal prints. the swimsuit offers many options for a colorful summer. 4. the 50s are increasingly popular ...designers present high-waisted panties for a guaranteed pin-up effect. in 5. finally little bonus: the arrival of sun wear translates beach clothing made in light materials, perfect for the holidays, and may be ideally coordinated with swimsuits. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview valérie delafosse : we have models created for all body types, with a structure, a very sleek and constructed graphic side. here’s the “label” model in the “bang” theme, so with black graphic straps, which are covered in silicone. this is a fairly new technique which is long to develop because you need to keep the elasticity of the straps, and at the same time the brightness needs to stay in the sun, in sea water, and in chlorine. there were at least 6 months of development for this strap, it sounds quite simple but it’s long. i wanted to create this sunwear for women who travel, who carry light clothes in their suitcase, so they’re very light silk garments inspired by the east, some clothes are emblematic and timeless, not fashionable, such as kaftans, ponchos or tunic dresses.