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Secrets from top model Aymeline Valade

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Recognizable by her large brown mane and sparkling eyes, french model, aymeline valade has caught the eye of the greatest designers. women management agency took her under their wing in 2010, and after having started with nicolas ghesquière for balenciaga, alexander wang chose her for all his shows in new york and isabel marant continues to place her in the spotlight. aged 29, head on her shoulders, aymeline confides about her work, her career and the pace of fashion weeks ... exclusive interview. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview aymeline valade : i would say that new york is similar to adolescents on a technical level, regarding looks and the vision, it’s still quite young. in milan there’s this baroque side, which is still very rich in detail, we feel all the history behind every fashion house, like in paris. except that in paris it’s a lot more classic and conventional, we feel as if it’s been the leader for a long time and in my opinion they are still the leaders, because when we technically look at the fabrics and how the clothes are done on the inside, we are very much aware that they’ve been well finished. each season brings a new phase, a new genre, it's true that i'm part of this new generation of girls who are much older, like me, saskia and many others, and right now i think we like girls who seem intelligent, i don’t know what that means but it’s the feeling i have, when i look at girls arriving now compared to those before, they have a certain look and something special to them. i prefer photo shoots, i love fashion shows itself but if the shows were more spaced out, if there was a moment to breathe, digest and integrate the character, the atmosphere, if we had all this information before but we don’t. it’s a marathon, we wake up in the morning, do fittings, castings, shows and in the evening we finish at 2, 3 or 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock for the poor ones who have fittings super late. sometimes we have call times at 4, 5 or 6, so at times we have sleepless nights. we'll see what happens after, it's like tomorrow, after fashion it’s always a bit tricky for girls because we’re always tagged and labeled as models and in other fields, being a model is quite pejorative, in fashion of course it's wonderful, however for journalism it’s not so, we'll see what is offered to me, and what i can do.