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The « Futurotextiles 3 » exhibition at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie de Paris (with itw)

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Today, there’s no need to go to the moon to wear futuristic clothing! a true technological revolution is under way to develop smart, communicative and interactive clothing. textiles that will without doubt wreak havoc in our daily lives, highlighting the "futurotextiles 3" exhibition. the "futurotextiles 3" exhibition - cité des sciences et de l'industrie à paris - until july 4 2013 music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview blandine savrda : in fashion, the big couturiers like the designers look for trends for the coming years and therefore will appropriate innovative textiles. today at the exhibition, we present the first catalytic dress which cleans the pollution around the woman who wears it. there’s also the first dress made of wood and we certainly have the world’s lightest dress which is a synthetic organza, made by a japanese company and is lighter than a feather. today we want our garments to be light, wrinkle-free, that they protect the environment; they are micro encapsulated to regulate our temperature and ultimately encapsulate our favorite perfume. bio technologists are also in the textile with the madagascar spider for example, the yellow silk thread which interests everyone; it’s five times stronger than steel and two times more stretchy than nylon. we’re not going to start wearing wine dresses tomorrow, even if lady gaga wore a dress made of skin but for example with this wine dress it really looks like animal skin, to put it in shape, it’s sprayed, it’s vaporized in water and goes back to its shape. do not forget that textile was the first french industry in the 19th century; you can’t find these huge factories anymore but thanks to research and development through innovation there is work, opportunities and the young have understood this.