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Menswear trend 2013 : The key pieces for summer (with itws)

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Gentlemen, this summer you can focus your wardrobe on 3 essential pieces : the bomber, shorts and the t-shirt... basics reworked and updated by the designers for a summery chic and colorful season! the bomber from the 50's is available in many versions for summer. associated with a structured silhouette at burberry, it wins in sophistication. prints, colored and all in lightness while worn next to the skin, on a t-shirt or as an overcoat of a suit. second basic of summer, shorts, worn short and clipped on the thigh in an elegant version or the second alternative just above the knee, matched with a suit jacket for ultimate sophistication. last essential piece of the menswear wardrobe, the t-shirt, white, layered, draped, with short or long sleeves or cut on the boarder, the t-shirt continues to be reinvented. it also takes sportswear looks while keeping its nobility, cut in luxurious materials. the t-shirt can go bold and fancy in satin prints of religious icons or in a more summery version with a mix and match of motifs. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview christopher bailey : the bombers are something that i really believe in, we have them in our burberry archives and i love the idea of exploring this silhouette. i like it because it works with very strict tailoring and it’s outerwear but it still has a very strong attitude and i like that it still has a relationship with our history and our dna with military and aviation. italo zucchelli : i think we all wear t-shirts and also my dream is always to do something very new or interesting with t-shirts because it’s one of the things that everybody wears the most, especially in the summer and it’s also like a very american thing i think. veronique nichanian : for me, the t-shirt is a piece that i love because it’s really the signature piece and it’s so easy to deliver, it’s the piece from the 21st century, but it’s true to work it in suede lambskin, making it reversible, contrasting it on a raglan armhole in a more sporty, baseball way, or worked in crocodile cloth which is big on the hand, this is a dream, it’s great.