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Menswear trend 2013 : The new suit (with itws)

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Even the suit in summer is required. this essential from the masculine wardrobe is full of proposals for this season. first choice, the fitted, two buttoned, straight suit, it ensures a perfect line. second alternative, the double-breasted jacket, worn over an open shirt, a t-shirt for a casual look with a tie for a gatsby look, also very popular. the jacket, the central element, without buttons or sleeves, lengthens... everything is permitted. at hermes, summer is renewed. paul smith makes it sexy. the suit can also take ease and lightness, combined with shortened trousers falling above the ankle, more ample, tall and full of technical prowess. worn with a mismatched jacket, the suit takes a new appearance and personalizes the wearer. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview véronique nichanian : renewing the suit by colour because it's pretty fun and it’s also quite unexpected- by the interesting materials, and then by a new suit line that we call the ‘rive gauche’, which has two slits, i want a return to the two slits, buttons, more highlighted, and then with a play on suits, jackets, cuts and under the collar. paul smith : built the shoulder a little, so there’s more structure now, some shape in the waist, a shorter jacket and still a very sexy, rock n’ roll aesthetic really. lucas ossendrijver : in the fashion show, there is a group of suits which are based on the traditional two-button suit, what we did however, is we removed all the finishing’s, we even removed all the buttons and buttonholes, so that it became just one form. hamish morrow : the other thing as well is to invest a lot of energy and time and research of materials, construction, never to make a classic blazer jacket exactly classic. frida giannini : i think a jacket is always important because a jacket really defines a style, a personal attitude, your shoulder, you can have a big epaule so it means that you are more brave in a way, you can be more low key wearing a little epaule or small shoulders so to me really a jacket can define a personality of a man.