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Menswear trend 2013 : Chic sportswear (with itws)

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Chic sportswear will be emulated this summer. between a sporty and sophisticated look, this hybrid silhouette will convince more than one! the first piece from the world of sportswear: the sahara. popularised by yves saint laurent, with multiple pockets on the front, belted at the waist, the sahara is back! sometimes sleeveless, worked on the base of a jacket, built in reflective materials, it will be the key piece of the male wardrobe. an alternative is the jacket from the 50s, which has emerged as the outer wear for summer 2013. short, belted at the waist, it's available in many materials for casual, military or dressy versions. sweat pants no longer serve just for sport but also for the city, fitted at the waist, adorned in chic colours and associated with a white blouse or a shirt tucked into the pants. the chic sportswear also uses technical materials, worked like a couture piece. the chic sportswear then places after research, a desire for comfortable and easy to wear clothing. today jeans are mixed with evening suits that can be worn with sneakers. in short, everything is a matter of balance, between a look neither too formal nor too workwear. music free of right / bandit & nikit - 2012 interview kris van assche : the nylon sportswear is perfectly worked on in the workshop and hand finished like how traditional jackets are finished, so there is this desire to mix sportswear and tailoring, and there is also a desire to show off the work. lucas ossendrijver: what we tried to do is take these thing that are very high tech, sportswear, but to give them an idea of wearing a silk shirt so nylons are very thin, almost transparent, hyper technical, laminated with couture, with string in the inside to give some relief. hamish morrow : i think it is very important for men in general today to dress elegantly and people want to be comfortable, they want to be relaxed, and it’s very difficult to make relaxed, comfortable clothing elegant. so for me this is a challenge and if i achieve it then i think i will be successful.