Cédric Charlier Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

Third collection for Cédric Charlier who throughout the seasons is established with talent in the Parisian calendar. He brings an innovative vision to fashion, notably with a true work on construction of the garments. The silhouette is ribbed, adjusted and lengthened with a play of layers. Fluorescent pink comes in little touches on a frilly collar and then completely covering a tight dress. Leather drapes, jackets are pinched at the back and embroidery inspired by medieval illuminations appears on ensembles of rounded jackets and straight skirts. Cédric Charlier delivers a wardrobe that's convincing, structured and graphic, to be closely followed.

Music from fashion show

Cedric Charlier : It's a work of construction, architecture appears in garments due to the open couture which gives the structure to the clothes and which is layered by these coats which have a certain roundness, giving a more comforting look.

There are mini-skirts that are worn over trousers, which are tied together to lengthen the silhouette, they are mixed with knitwear and shirts. It really is a history of graphic lines and it's like geometry.

My starting point were the medieval illuminations also mixed with other artistic movements such as Art Brut, but I wanted to give it a historical side but pushed in a contemporary direction with colours.

It's embroidery, an embroidery of thread and these are pictures that are inspired by illuminations that are layered, giving a surreal effect.

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