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Rynshu - Fashion show Fall / Winter 2013/14 (avec itw)

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A red carpet is layed out over the ground and on the stage ! a collection suitable for both men and women, as well as for rock stars and actors. rynshu wants to make his fashion seen and noticed, so the show revolves around embroidered sequins in camouflage motifs suits or black jackets decorated with glittered tones. a collection where the two piece tuxedo is essential and often accessorised with elements of punk. interview rynshu : i wanted to keep the black concept but this time create a collection that appeals to film directors, producers, actors and actresses who can wear them not necessarily in life but particularly on the red carpet. i wanted to use the best feminine style for women and at the same time use attractive aspects from feminine pieces for men, so to ultimately create something more unisex. yes, i've looked to use the materials in a different manner, in cutting, adding volume, adding structure. a simple and supple fabric can become more voluminous and dynamic. music from the fashion show