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Cédric Charlier- Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris(ITW)

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Second collection for belgian cédric charlier who's fashion show ran on the first day of the parisian collections in an art gallery, near the bastille. and for summer 2013, he advocates a minimalist and graphical line, with work focused around pleats, layering, draping and asymmetry for delicate dresses and strict at the same time. lightness and purity are felt through second skin materials. a print of abstract patterns brings the colour. fluorescent orange mixes with black and white. makeup that evokes female warriors, made up with a red line above the eyes, with a hint of blue in the corner of the lashes and legs tattooed in black, does not retranslate the sweetness and charm that emanates from this show. music from fashion show interview laurent philippon : this season for cédric charlier we wanted a very simple hairstyle, very minimalist, with very pure lines, we drew a line in the middle and flattened the hair on each side with bumble & bumble spray, for the shine and to maintain it, in fact there is an almost wet or frozen effect like that, until mid-length. karim rachman : his inspiration is sort of based on armor, armor that's a bit shogun, armor with a bit of charm, so the idea of having a woman who is quite strong, powerful, and therefore the idea of a face mask, and at the same time while transparent. so we went down one route with very sharp graphics, with scotch tape and the red line and then with paint brushes somewhat lighter, slightly more subtle, overlaying black lines, a touch of blue on the inside of the eye, a very small white tip on the outer lashes, the skin is satiny, nothing on the lips and legs are disguised as well, always the idea of armor with a kind tattoo, black, matte, which takes up the whole leg.