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Anthony Vaccarello- Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (itw)

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Designer with a promising talent, the italian-belgian anthony vaccarello, is supported not only by the press but also by the models like anja rubik (catwalk star) who opened and closed the show. a show which by her sex appeal warmed the cool atmosphere of the docks located along the seine. placed on the theme of water, with the idea to recreate the effect of wet clothes, on the runway the designer unveiled pleated miniskirts molded on the body, matched with soft satin tops. an urban side also dominates the collection with detailed zips and rivets that structure the garment. an iridescent print mixing animal patterns with floral patterns, accentuates the feline feel that emanates from this show. an asymmetrical, long, black dress exposing the leg, beautifully ends the show. music from fashion show interview anthony vaccarello : the idea was to really soak the garment in the water, so the bottom is pretty tight and the top is quite flexible. it's to get the girl coming out of the water, who is soaked in water from the pond, and have lines of light that look slightly as if they were reflections of droplets, drops of water that attracted the eye for a moment. there is a lot of silk, matte silk, but also a lot of satin, white, black, and then this rainbow arrives at the end to wake up the minimal side from the beginning of the collection. the pleats are a bit of a tribute to issey miyake and also the idea of clothing when coming out of the water, which are all wet, it is the idea of wetting a piece of clothing, and the pleats were the result.