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Marco de Vincenzo- Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Milan (ITW)

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Marco de vincenzo delivers a collection dedicated to the basics, but reworked in a contemporary way. from some mineral colours and simple shapes, t-shirts, blouses or skirts, emphasis is given on the airy feel of sophisticated sportswear. flowing materials, the absence of hems and organic prints give lightness while metalised strips on the side of skirts or volumes on the back of blouses play the card of couture. the gamble is a success with a relaxed, feminine and wearable wardrobe. music from fashion show marco de vincenzo : i started from the basics, from the t-shirt, from the simple skirt to reinvent it, a few colours, a few fabrics, just to be focused on this mood. regarding the inspirations, sportswear, i think it is always something that inspires me, because i like the easy way to wear the sportswear, in a very sophisticated way, because even the simple outfit, as a surprise, or a metal ribbon on the side or a strange volume on the back. i think that she's always very feminine but in a more relaxed way, if you think about my past collections. everything is about reality in the proportion, it's a very worked collection, but the result is something quite effortless and i'm very happy because i started from this idea. delfina delettrez : i have always been a big fan of marco. i loved the colors, white, black, and flesh-colored, these three basics. i love the geometry and how everything went so smoothly. everything fell, as if the clothes were dancing. it was really beautiful