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"12 Vendôme" - Haute Joaillerie Chaumet collection

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It is in their own salons at place vendôme and surrounding a lucky and symbolic number that chaumet presented part of his latest haute joaillerie collection called "12 vendôme". the house of tiaras, a nickname given to chaumet for over two centuries, continues to provide the dream with these exceptional pieces, convertible and of course always based around its characteristic crown. thierry fritsch : chaumet is probably the most parisian of all jewelers and this industry of haute joaillerie is of course parisian. and like haute couture, if you want haute joaillerie is an experiment, a permanent invention, that is to say you make handmade items that are new, bold, innovative, and it is a laboratory, it's a laboratory of style, a technical laboratory. the parallel between haute joaillerie and haute couture, is interesting because in the same way that from haute couture ready-to-wear is born, from haute joaillerie jewelry collections are born, that is to say that there is a style reproduced and for everybody. while chaumet's haute joaillerie collection will be presented at the `biennale des antiquaires', it will be called "12 vendôme", "12 vendôme" because it's the address of chaumet and then the number 12 is a magic number particularly in this year 2012 and because our current head of the atelier is the twelfth head in a chain of the 230 years of existence of chaumet. and so this collection "12 vendôme" symbolises paris and parisian elegance, it will consist of twelve accessories that are removable and you have aigrettes or tiaras of stone that can become pendants, therefore a number of these jewels can be said to be convertible. music - artist : florence and the machine / album : ceremonials / title : no light, no light / ref : island