Kristen Stewart cannot wait to be back at the Cannes Film Festival!

The Cannes Film Festival opens on Monday 8th May with a jury headed by Cate Blanchett and composed of several women including Kristen Stewart, the American actress and Chanel muse, who is used to coming to the Croisette. She tells us of her relationship with the festival…Interview with Kristen Stewart: It’s a place that values the reason why people make movies that aligns with the reason I do, and so I feel very, very much at home there and I’ve been there a couple times and I’ve developed these mind-blowing relationships with people that I admire so much that they actually ask me to go and hang out with them for 10 days and have anything to say about, the discussion about what we value the most which trips me out. I feel like a little kid walking into something where I’m not really allowed to be there so I have to convince myself that that’s not true and sort of charge ahead and be as present as I can because if you told me about this five years ago, I’d be like “you’re lying, that’s a dream” so I’m really excited. Music royalty free / Bandit & Nikit / 2018

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