Alexis Mabille - Womenswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

« Sport of the night » With this title, Alexis Mabille chose to play with the women’s wardrobe, by confronting the chic materials with attitude and sportswear textures. The dress can be thrown on, as a sweater or leggings in grey tones, the lacing become metal chains which are coloured and decorated with diamantes. The white shirt borrowed from the men’s wardrobe is wearable mixed with a completely embroidered skirt. Two scarves are found twisted on pastel dresses then on printed lamé for the evening. To note: the ties playing the effect of a roll neck jumper and an interlaced skirt, with a mix of colours. Interview:Alexis Mabille: The idea is really an attitude, and so for ready to wear I love to experiment more with an attitude, a way of life, more than starting with very defined themes, and finally in Paris, or other international cities, we’re running around, yes we like to party, all of that is very active, the urban cities are very, very neurotic and we never stop between going out, going to work, etc, from going from one thing to another. And I like this idea of a very hyperactive girl...but knitted jogging bottoms or leggings that she can put on with something embroidered, in a very casual way, obviously with taste, stealing a piece from her guy that’s a bit oversized, tied a shirt around the waist acting as a belt, so there is this kind of lightness, casualness, and something natural in the collection.We have metal chains which are colours, with diamantes and then they’re left, to hang across parts of the clothes, which capture the light so instead of putting on embroidery, we let the little chains shine.Music from the show

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