Caroline Herrera- Womanswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in New York

Each season Carolina Herrera starts with a precise inspiration for the construction of her collection. This time, water becomes the central element. The designer plays with a number of rounded volumes, the fabrics form waves, tones of blue and grey dominate, the aquatic prints are mixed with drops of water in 3D. The dresses appear to float on the bodies. Always a great number of long evening dresses in tulle and organza, highly demand by clients from the designer that the American women continue to wear in a very chic way for each evening out. She always adds an innovative aspect and a touch of red for passion. Because the doyenne of this New York Fashion Week continues to design each collection with creativity, love and sincerity. To note: the several jackets and coats with an incredible elegance. Interview: Carolina Herrera: It’s very important the movement of water, in rain, in waves, so I tried to do in colours and shapes - what I see in my mind as “water”. And all the materials in this collection have been designed with water in mind.I use different fabrics, but I also use techno fabrics that I love very much because it shapes very well.I think women like to look very important in the evenings and especially, especially in New York as there are so many opportunities to wear long dresses.Free Music from the show

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