Louis Vuitton - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

Kim Jones, the artistic director of the menswear line at Louis Vuitton, wanted to pay a true homage to Christopher Nemeth, the English designer who passed away in 2010. The rounded features almost formed mosaics of flowers appearing like a leitmotiv on the coats, jackets and jumpers. The allure, although chic appeared equally very relaxed through an offering of short bomber jackets in dark tones, paired with straight leg trousers and anatomical jeans designed in Japanese denim. The shoes with white rubber soles were very noticeable just like the number of accessories – backpacks, reporter bags, mini bags, bum bags, pockets for mobiles, etc. – all perfectly thought out for all the needs of today’s man. To note: the brooches, ties and other ‘LV’ lucky charms to attach on the clothes according to your desires...Interview: Kim Jones: I wanted it to really reflect a time and I wanted it to celebrate you know the life of Christopher Nemeth, and really to have a bit of soul in the collection, and have something quite personal, so that’s really what I was looking at, the idea of London being this creative place, then a little bit of Japan, because he moved to Japan in his career, and became a really iconic designer there with a huge following, and I really just wanted to celebrate that. It was a very emotional collection to make. The thing about his work is that it was so easy to work with and you know when something is easy to work with we know that’s a good fit, you know there are options, we did it on the damier graphite we did it on clothing, on different products, it was very easy to do. We’ve done a lot of formal collections for the last couple of seasons, which have been very much about the suit, so I wanted to do something a bit more sporty, you know elegant sporty, and you know easy to wear, so that’s what our customer likes so that’s really what I wanted to do. Music from the show

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