Alexis Mabille - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 Show in Paris (with itw)

Alexis Mabille uses his summer 2014 Haute Couture collection to reinterpret majestic Greco-Roman architecture, explaining the whiteness of the pieces with dresses in body-skimming jersey and also in body-skimming Chantilly lace embroidered with bows and pearl chains. The elegantly embroidered branches and garlands of hawthorns and orchids coiled around the body. The excellence of this hand-made work which is very important to Alexis Mabille, has been well highlighted in this show. Lastly, a flock of paper butterflies (referring to the bow-tie, for which the designer is well-known) converge, those as part of the setting and others adorning the models’ heads, cheeks or shoulders to create a collection that is peplum and Parisian down to the last detail.Interview:Alexis Mabille:It is the idea of 18th century artists who would tour the Mediterranean, Greece, Italy and Egypt searching for inspiration and to see the excellent work on stones and statuary. They would then return and use this to make their creations, some more modern.I wanted to focus more on the materials themselves, such as jersey, crepe, mat or shiny without too many extra details but to really show the contortion of the materials, the aplomb and to be able to do extraordinary things with materials which aren’t usually done, like draped bustiers made of thick jersey that normally should fall down but have amazing structures underneath but that is couture, and that is what is so amazing about couture, you can do it in so many different ways, spend a whole week on one tiny detail in order to keep it like this, to make it seem obvious.I wanted to use this butterfly attack idea; it gives a glimpse of the bowtie and also of our story and this desire to see them in a more aggressive way, like in Hitchcock’s film, instead of birds, they are devoured by butterflies who eat their heads.Music from the show

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